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23 July 2014

James Mitchell’s Gone Fishing Cider SALE

Our new cider is due in October and we need space to store all the bottles of apple magic. To make space we're selling our current vintage of James...

22 July 2014

Wine, Watch Out! These Ciders Are Just as Good

By Jordan Salcito I visited Normandy for the first time a few weeks ago for the sole purpose of tasting cider at one specific estate. Eric Bordelet,...

19 June 2014

Mr Grapenose ponders the wine trade with recommendations

Stat 1. Only seven per cent of us are prepared to pay over a tenner for a bottle of wine (in the North East it’s only two), according to a survey by...

19 June 2014

La Báscula Catalan Eagle Garnacha Blanca Viognier 2013

Combines the apricot and peach kernel of Viognier, with heady floral honey and honeysuckle of Garnacha, then adds in some creamy nuttiness too but...

17 June 2014

Shambhavi – Mindfully Made Soap

The creator of our soaps is Jennifer Stephens, whose handcrafted soaps found their way onto our farm through Ayurveda practise and yoga therapy. Hatched...

16 June 2014

The Drift Farm Awarded a Biodiversity and Wine Initiative Certification

South Africa’s vineyards are almost entirely located in the Cape Floral Kingdom, a kingdom whose extraordinary floral diversity, density and endemism...

6 June 2014

La Báscula – Reviewed by Jancis Robinson

The wines in the range have intrinsic balance; there is a balance between indigenous Spanish varieties and modern winemaking and with the label design there...

28 May 2014

South African Wine Over £10 – Fantastic

Following a blind tasting of top-end labels from South Africa compared with a handful of corresponding wines from elsewhere in the world, the tasters...

21 April 2014

No Stone Unturned – Bruce Jack in Spain

Quentin Sadler is a wine educator and consultant and fortunately for us penned this article about Spanish delights: As many of you are aware, I love...

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