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15 April 2014

The Longevity of Flagstone’s Longitude

Longitude is Flagstone's way finder wine, to hear of it maturing wonderfully over ten years warms the cockles of our hearts.  Published on...

9 April 2014

A Year of Chocolate

Step away from the candy isle in your supermarket and have a closer look at raw chocolate, the wonderful world cacao. Ironically this super food is not...

6 April 2014

South Africa Confronts the Wine Bottleneck Syndrome

The bottleneck syndrome is particularly troubling for South Africa just now, which looks to the U.S. to pick up some of the slack left by a stagnant...

23 March 2014

The 2014 ABSA Cape Epic visits the Overberg

Widely considered the pinnacle of mountain bike racing, and credited as the Tour de France of mountain biking by 1996 Olympic gold medallist in mountain...

14 March 2014

A Lapse in Time for Reflection

We’ve been doing a bit of that recently, going through some of the earliest posts from the farm, remembering our interaction with the wonderful land...

13 March 2014

Throw Back Thursday – The Drift Scoops Eat in Award

Visi published this photo nearly 3 years ago, and the good folk at Awesome South-Africa (@AwesomeSA_APP) brought it to our attention last week. The 3 years...

13 March 2014

Throw Back Thursday – Introducing The Drift Farm


9 March 2014

The Drift Farm – A Varietal Treasure Trove

Variety is the spice of life at The Drift Farm. On the day we visited, Jason (the marketing manager of the Napier farm) showed us no fewer than 11 tomato...

23 February 2014

February Flurry on The Drift

As most wine fanatics know, harvest has started, a time for wine farmers and winemakers that makes aforementioned ants look lethargic.  We’re in...

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