Cape Agulhas


Cape Agulhas is the southern tip of Africa. Nope, Cape Point is not the real mccoy, this is the actual place.

About Cape Agulhas

Cabo das Agulhas is Portuguese sailor-talk for ‘Cape of Needles’. The rocky outcrop was so named due to the fact that around 1500, when the cape was first navigated, magnetic north and true north lined up at this point. The waters just offshore are shallow and famous for their good fishing, although winter brings storms and fearfully huge waves. Rogue swells of up to 100 feet in height are not uncommon and have been known to sink even large vessels, and many of its inhabitants are shipwreck survivors who chose to settle here. The southernmost town in Africa later became known as L’Agulhas, and offers a variety of accommodation options, from guesthouses to farm cottages to rustic bed and breakfasts.

Cape Agulhas Highlights

  • The real southern tip of Africa
  • Agulhas National Park
  • Surf at Struis Baai – a couple of kilometers to the East
  • Spot whales from the dunes in De Mond Nature Reserve

Cape Agulhas History

The surrounding coastline is peppered with wrecks, a woeful trend which resulted in the well-known iconic lighthouse, erected in 1848 some years after the loss of the Arniston. This ill-fated East Indiaman ship went down in 1815. 372 Troops and crew en route from Ceylon to England never made it home, with only 6 bedraggled passengers living to tell the tale.

Agulhas National Park

The Agulhas National Park is home to a rich marine and botanical life,providing a breeding area for the African Black Oystercatcher and a mating and calving site for Southern Right Whales between June and November. Thered are stunning hikes in the a rea, a marine lagoon, spotless beaches and crystal clear rock pools for swimming.

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