La Báscula Spanish Wine

Bruce writes: La Báscula is an adventurous Spanish winemaking collaboration with my good mate and Master of Wine, Ed Adams. The name “La Báscula” refers to an old-fashioned pair of weighing scales and represents the balance between the indigenous Spanish varieties we love and the insight into modern winemaking we bring to the party.

Balance is a principle that permeates the business and the brand. However, this isn’t always the case. My contribution is meant to involve all aspects of the winemaking process, but sometimes Ed’s trial blends are better than mine, which is not only embarrassing, but makes me very competitive. When this happens (rather a lot actually), I respond by confidently sprouting long scientific words, which makes me appear to know exactly why his blend is better. In this way I regain the bemused approval of our producing partners.

Also, I naturally lean towards a big first night out on our annual winemaking tour around Spain. Somehow, as the post-prandial Spanish brandy appears my decades of experience when courting this sort of danger are suddenly forgotten. Ed, being the more sober one, is then required to balance out this wave of indestructible enthusiasm by suggesting I’ve had enough, we’ve got a big day ahead, there’s lots of work, etc… but he never does.

The area of communication is even worse. Ed is fluent in Spanish. And, well.., after almost 10 years, I am not.

It’s not like I haven’t tried. I’ve bought numerous of those “Teach Yourself Spanish” CD programs to play in the car… While an admirable idea, I can’t see it catching on with the males of our species, who can’t really talk and drive, never mind listen to some gorgeous Spanish brunette teach you (over and over again) how to ask someone on a romantic date. Near collisions abound.

Instead, I have focused on perfecting the knowing smile and little nod when I think the ebb and flow of Ed’s Spanish requires it.

Luckily there is a total obsession with balance when it comes to the actual wine. This concept of balance is represented by an old set of scales on the label; also the astrological symbol for Libra,

La Báscula’s philosophy is small volume, high quality. To maintain typicity and integrity the lead varietal, or varietals, in all of the La Báscula range is/are always native Spanish grapes. This also allows the wines to really show off the areas they come from. To achieve fine wines, sometimes small, but always significant changes have been made to the wine making process and specially coopered barrels have been introduced to help polish the wines.

The result is ripe, concentrated wines that are excellent value for money. They manage to side-step the characteristic dryness that is sometimes evident in Spanish wines, instead delivering wines with clarity of fruit and intriguing complexity.

The La Báscula wine range has blossomed from its initial two bottle range to a full offering that covers the all the opportunities a dinner party could provide – from a fresh, unwooded Ruede white all the way through to a life-changing desert wine from Alicante. Currently, the La Báscula range represents the terroirs of Rioja, Rueda, Terra Alta, Jumilla and Alicante.

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The wines are imported into South Africa and sold direct to the public by The Drift Farm. Please contact Michaela Van Straaten on or 021 7611833.

They are distributed to the wine trade in Cape Town by On Point Wines. Please contact Marine Point on or 061 4641993.

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