Cluver & Jack Cider Case (24x330ml)

Cluver & Jack Cider Case (24x330ml)

Cluver & Jack Everyday Cider

This cider is a wholesome reflection of De Rust farm. It is crafted with obsessive attention to detail, from the way the orchards are farmed to how the fresh-pressed juice is patiently crafted into cider.

The focus is on crisp, refreshing balance and natural, fresh apple flavours. It is much dryer than high volume, commercial ciders and pairs well with food, just like a good champagne would.

This cider is crafted to last and will develop beautifully in the bottle for at least five years, gaining subtle complexity as it ages. We suggest you put some away in your cellar, if you can resist not drinking it all up immediately.

The foundation variety of our “Everyday” cider is Granny Smith, the other varieties are a secret.

Yes – 100% gluten free.

How Cluver & Jack Is Made

Farming on our scale and with our principles isn’t glamourous. It’s hard work and sometimes it’s heartbreaking. But this is balanced by a deeply rewarding life. What you see, is what you get. Actions have consequences.

Our carefully grown apples are hand-picked from the tree, not off the ground, where they soon start to rot. They are chopped up into little pieces in a hopper and then pressed in a specially designed belt press, which slowly squeezes all the juice out.

This juice is gravity-clarified in chilled tanks, rather than forced through a filter. This naturally clarified juice is then allowed to ferment at cool temperatures, so we capture the intrinsic elements and aromas in the apple juice.
After fermentation, we filter out the spent yeast cells, and that’s basically it. Because this is a natural process we don’t have to force-chill the cider (with consequential huge energy loss), or further manipulate the cider to remove protein or tannin. It comes out of the fermentation process ready to bottle. This fermentation process is not very complicated. All the really hard work is done in the orchard.

Finally, we capture the bottles of joy with a sparkling of CO2, which adds a captivating, celebratory fizz.

Because of our hand-crafted philosophy, our authentic cider is tastier, fresher, crisper, dryer and much, much longer lasting than high volume, commercial ciders. And with real cider, you can hear the trees talk.


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Cluver & Jack Cider Case (24x330ml)

Cluver & Jack Cider Case (24x330ml)

Crafted from hand-picked apples on the Paul Cluver Estate in Elgin, our secret Jack family recipe creates a crisp, dry cider with a refreshing balance of natural apple flavours.