The Drift Estate

When the Jack family moved to The Drift Estate in 1999 we encountered a place of breathtaking
beauty and immense agricultural potential.

The farm is isolated and tranquil, offering a beautiful breathtaking respite from the rush of everyday life. It is also a working farm growing delicious organic vegetables, producing  world-class extra virgin olive oil and making finely crafted wines of exceptional quality.

We’d be very happy to show you around.

Meet the Team

Andre Purdy

Farm Manager

Andre is The Drift Farm’s manager, a task that requires him to administer 6 lines on the farm: supervising the vineyards, the olives, the vegetables, the onions, the garlic and the guesthouse. It’s no mean feat to successfully deliver on any one of these lines, to exceed in all six simultaneously is the mark of someone quite exceptional.

Andre’s experience in farm management began in Stellenbosch, and has taken him through Wellington and Amarika in Northern Namibia. In 2011 Andre began managing The Drift Farm and his predilection for hard work has already paid dividends.

Attracted by the unique challenges offered by The Drift, as well as the opportunity to work with land that promises to reward tenacity and hard labour with abundance, Andre has found a wild place he loves to call home.

When he’s not at home you’ll most likely find Andre charging down a mountain on his bike or harnessing the wind while kite surfing, even his hobbies demand hard work.

Enoch Gumeni

Housekeeper & Chicken Whisperer

Enoch Gumeni’s quiet, gentle manner and warm smile will greet you on arrival at The Drift Farm.

Part of Enoch’s job is to makes sure the brood of chickens are happy and egg-laying, the house is fully stocked and kept in impeccable condition, and our organic produce is delivered to farm stalls and suppliers in Cape Town. Primarily, Enoch looks after our guests, making sure they’re always comfortable and want for nothing, he’s also a wonderful tour guide and will happily show you any aspect of the farm you might be interested in. You’ll notice how infectious Enoch’s nature is, it’s part of what makes The Drift Farm such a serene homestead.

Enoch’s smile is never more than a moment away from his lips, except of course when he’s posing for a photo, he takes this as seriously as his football.

Piet Oerson

Organic Gardening Guru

Piet Oerson is a gardener, and a fanatical one, but most importantly he’s our gardener and he’s turned The Drift into something of an Eden.

Throughout the year our veggie garden bulges with seasonal fruits and vegetables thanks to nine years of careful curating at the hands of Piet. During this time Piet has amassed an almost encyclopedic knowledge of organic produce, gained from colleagues, foremen and most influentially Elspeth Jack. Of course the soil and aspect help, but Piet’s instinct for tending vegetable gardens has driven him to achieve something quite special.

If you’re curious about any of the produce at the farm, spark up a conversation with Piet, but be warned, his warm manner and easy laugh will have you spanning topics from gardening through Western Cape history, family life in neighbouring Napier and the highs and lows of being a Western Province and Springbok rugby supporter.



The Winery Dog

Simba belonged to Bruce’s mother, Elsbeth Jack, he is a Rhodesian Ridgback cross Great Dane and welcomes any visitors to the farm with his booming bark. When he is not lying in the sun outside Mariska’s (the Farm Administrator) Office you can find him surveying the happenings in the winery.

Layout of the Farm

Explore our interactive map

  • 1 Estate Entrance
  • 2 Dams
  • 3 Otter Stream
  • 4 Farm Manager's House
  • 5 Olive Trees
  • 6 Homestead
  • 7 Organic Homestead Vegetable Garden
  • 8 Free Range Chickens
  • 9 Labyrinth
  • 10 Winery
  • 11 Mitchell
  • 12 Fraser Munn
  • 13 McIntosh
  • 14 O’Brien
  • 15 Calder
  • 16 Ashworth
  • 17 Passmore
  • 18 Stanley
  • 19 Amsel
  • 20 Sutherland
  • 21 Mackinnon
  • 22 Petersen
  • 23 McLean
  • 24 Bothy
  • 25 Wind Turbine
  • 26 Compost Area
The Drift Homestead
Estate EntranceDamsDamsDamsDamsDamsDamsDamsDamsOtter StreamFarm Manager's HouseOlive TreesOlive TreesOlive TreesOlive TreesHomesteadOrganic Homestead Vegetable GardenFree Range ChickensLabyrinthWineryMitchellFraser MunnMcIntoshO’BrienCalderAshworthPassmoreStanleyAmselSutherlandMackinnonPetersenMcLeanBothyWind TurbineCompost Area