The Drift Projects

Our Projects

We’ve got our fingers in a number of international pies because we believe in their quality, craft and value. Through his extensive travels and industry networks Bruce collaborates on a range of projects from Spanish wine to Scottish gin, sometimes via Irish cider.

Our philosophy is to invest our expertise, time and sometimes funds, in a range of products, projects and collaborations that we believe are exceptional. The type of people we collaborate with inevitably share a similar philosophical outlook on life.

La Báscula Spanish Wine

Bruce writes: La Báscula is an adventurous Spanish winemaking collaboration with my good mate and Master of Wine, Ed Adams. The name “La Báscula” refers to an old-fashioned pair of weighing...

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Cluver & Jack Cider

The Cluvers and the Jacks are two farming families living in the Western Cape of South Africa.

The Cluver family own De Rust Farm in Elgin and have done so for five generations. Pioneers of...

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Orpens Irish Cider

This isn’t mass produced cider made from reconstituted juice concentrate. This is real fresh-juice Irish cider, an expressive reflection of the Emerald Isle’s soft, green climate, generous soils...

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Imported Wine Barrels

We’re obviously a little fanatical about vinification and so we’re very particular (as are all winemakers) about which wine barrels to ferment and mature our wines in.

Oak barrels have been...

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